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Join hosts Avery and Lena Cochrane (and sometimes guests) as they sample, rate, and talk about fun foods. History and facts are discussed from treats such as flavoured Oreos, to pumpkin spice, to types of boxed dressing. Listen to an amusing debate about the assessment of a different food theme each week. This couple may not always agree, but they will for sure ridicule each other for not seeing eye to eye. Listen weekly to hear delightful banter about yummy foods!

223 Walking Waffles With Vanda

August 3, 2022

Welcome to the Mess Hall Podcast, part of the Alberta Podcast Network, Locally grown. Community supported.

Avery, Lena and Vanda try ice cream treats: Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, Caramilk, and Chips Ahoy!  Our bonus items are salted caramel Rolo and 3 types of La Croix.  

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