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The Mess Hall is a weekly podcast where I have a chat with interesting personalities including comedians, foodies, fellow podcasters and a ton of other! The talk often comes around to pizza and my love for ketchup! If you like food talk make sure you tune in.

Mess Hall Podcast: Food Fight with Kevin and Adam (Part 1) E52

February 27, 2019

Welcome to the Mess Hall Podcast, part of the @albertapodnet powered by @atbfinancial

This week's guests are Adam and Kevin! This is the 1 year anniversary show. The Mess Hall Podcast brings you Food Fight! It was great to here Adam and Kevin have a great fight about chicken wings, sausages and a fun chat about what makes a good burger. Make sure you listen next week for the part 2. 


This weeks podcast shout outs are going to Canadian Podcast Award winners The Bothy Storytelling Podcast and Cross-polliNation. Both are great podcasts, make sure you give them a listen.