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The Mess Hall is a weekly podcast where I have a chat with interesting personalities including comedians, foodies, fellow podcasters and a ton of other! The talk often comes around to pizza and my love for ketchup! If you like food talk make sure you tune in.

Mess hall Podcast This Week With Aimée Beaudion E-57

April 3, 2019

Welcome to the Mess Hall Podcast, part of the @albertapodnet powered by @atbfinancial

This week's guest is Aimée Beaudion (and Matt Alden for a minute) from Caution May Contain Nuts. We are talking about the beauty of Alberta Beef! 

Make sure you check her out on Caution May Contain Nuts on APTN! This is a great show with lots of laughs. Find out more at and check out these clips on Youtube and Give Aimée a follow on Twitter @JustAimeezing and if you are in the Edmonton area, make your way down to Spotlight Cabaret at 8217 104th Street.

This week's podcast shout out is going to The 4th line Podcast. Get ready for the NHL playoffs with Carl and Nick as they bring you news from around the NHL. For more go to @4thLinePodcast or 

Caution May Contain Nuts is on APTN:

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